Yesterday, we offered our support for Senator Durbin (D-Ill.) and Senator Specter's (R-Pa.) "Fair Elections Now Act."  Americans recognize that money sometimes plays a warping role in electoral politics and hobbles progress on issues crucial to our country.  During the past decade, with Washington mired in stalemate and in thrall to special interests, many states have stepped forward and introduced innovative laws that enhance the power of ordinary citizens in the political process.

This bill recognizes that voters deserve the chance to elect people who aren’t beholden to lobbyists and big money.  It is modeled after successful programs in states as different in political culture as Arizona and Connecticut.  Those states have created bold systems to reform campaign finance laws, create voluntary public financing, and ensure that enforcement is fair and vigorous.  The Brennan Center successfully defended challenges to Arizona's public financing law and we're working with an alliance to uphold Connecticut's law.

Earlier this month, we offered our support for Senator Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Representative Tubbs Jones' (D-Ohio) Count Every Vote Act.  As Congress begins to enact these news laws and other measures addressed in our comprehensive agenda for election reform, we believe American politics will be invigorated and voters will be given a huge new voice.