I strongly condemn approval in the House of Representatives of a bill that would compromise a worker’s right to cast a private ballot when deciding whether to join a union.  This bill would leave workers exposed to pressure, intimidation and coercion by co-workers and labor union leaders.

The right to a private ballot is one of the cornerstones of our democracy, and I will strongly defend that right when the Senate debates this bill and work aggressively to defeat this proposal.  Working Americans deserve to choose what’s right for them in the workplace without fear, coercion or pressure and without having to publicly disclose or defend their views to hostile coworkers or unions.  It would be the height of hypocrisy and irresponsibility for members of Congress – all of whom were elected by private ballot – to strip away that fundamental right.

Americans get a private ballot when they choose their President, their Congressmen, their local councilmen, even their PTA leaders – why should they not have the same right in the workplace when they decide whether they want a union to become their exclusive, legal representative in their workplace?  Free, fair, and private elections are a fundamental principle of American democracy.

There’s nothing ‘free’ about taking away the right of an employee to make a private choice without fear and intimidation.  The cost is the loss of majority rule, free speech, and the use of the private ballot box – important principles that should not be thrown away to satisfy special interest groups.  No matter how this legislation is packaged, at its core, it simply takes away an individual’s right to vote. That is a dangerous road we shouldn’t travel.

The so-called “Employee Free Choice Act,