More than three months ago, the American people sent a resounding message for change. This week, the People's House is poised to send a message of our own - a bipartisan call for a new direction in Iraq.

The Members of the House oppose the President's escalation plan because it will not save lives, will not make our country safer and will not quell the chaos and violence that have engulfed Iraq. Rather, it will only delay the process of readying Iraqis to provide for their own security.

Many military leaders do not support this escalation. The Maliki government did not support it, and the American people do not support it. The time has come to redeploy our troops and redefine their mission as one that is geared toward counter-terrorism, training and logistics.

Every Member of Congress - both Democrat and Republican - supports our troops in the field. We will never cut resources for troops in harm's way. What we will do, however, is take every measure within our power to ensure that we take a new direction in Iraq that better secures our country.

This is a critical moment for our nation. The President's policies are failing and his most recent proposal promises more of the same. The time has come to answer the American people's call for a new direction in Iraq.