As the Senate gets set to consider non-binding resolutions I feel strongly that it’s premature to be addressing something that will have no impact on what we’re trying to achieve over there. I’m not against the debate – we’re certainly free to debate any of the issues. But I expect we’ll be hearing plenty in the coming weeks as we consider a supplemental budget request for the War in Iraq. It seems counterproductive to me that, just on the heels of confirming General Petraeus to get started on our new strategy, the Senate feels compelled to take up non-binding resolutions that I feel are pure political posturing. The resolutions will only serve to highlight our differences and undermine our efforts to achieve a positive end for Iraq.

In looking back, things have not gone well. We have discounted our previous strategy. The President has agreed that mistakes were made, but he has installed new leadership and a new strategy. I believe the Senate needs to make decisions from where we are now – this point in the fight. I don’t see how any more positive results can be achieved from any of the non-binding resolutions before us.