President Bush outlined an aggressive agenda for 2007, tackling some of our
most pressing domestic issues-energy, health care, fiscal responsibility and
immigration reform.  While our country is at a very pivotal time in the War
on Terror, it is encouraging that the President has not lost sight of these
very important issues our county is facing here at home.  I look forward to
working with my fellow members of Congress in a bipartisan fashion to
examine the President's proposals.

Finding alternative energy sources is vital to our way of life as well as
our national and economic security.  The President has pledged to continue
his push to decrease our dependence on foreign oil by increasing research
and development of alternative fuels.  Oklahoma has long been a leader in
energy production and we will continue to lead the way in the development of
alternative energy sources like wind power and switchgrass production. I
look forward to working with the President and congressional leaders to
encourage the discovery of alternative energy sources.

I am encouraged to hear the President push for better health care for all
Americans.  While the specifics are yet to be revealed, his plan to expand
health insurance coverage is a good first step towards beginning the
discussion on making health care more affordable. I am confident that
members of both parties can work together towards this goal.

I am heartened that the President addressed runaway spending, earmark reform
and balancing the budget. I remain committed to the core principle of fiscal
responsibility and it will remain one of my top priorities in Congress.

I am also glad that the President chose to address immigration reform.
Oklahomans have spoken out against the current immigration system that
leaves our borders unprotected and encourages disrespect for our laws.  It
is crucial that we tighten border security and increase funding for our
border patrol. At the same time, we must always remember that we are a
nation of immigrants and welcome those who arrive in the United States
legally. It will take the President and leaders in Congress working together
to streamline the process by which immigrants can enter the country lawfully
and become productive members of society.

As we focus efforts to strengthen our country, we are constantly reminded of
the new nation Iraq is trying to build amid the War on Terror.  I am glad
the President chose to address the war in Iraq, particularly the need for
the Iraqi government to shoulder a greater amount of responsibility, both
militarily and politically. I will work with leaders in Congress to ensure
that Iraqis live up to their end of the bargain, and that American troops
come home as soon as possible.