During the congressional elections last November, the American people spoke loud and clear. They demanded a dramatic change at home and abroad, especially with the war in Iraq.

I disagree with the President's plan to surge the number of American forces in Iraq, and it is clear that his open-ended policies and his nation-building efforts have failed. The chaos and instability in Iraq requires a political solution, not a military solution. Staying in Iraq is not an option politically, militarily or fiscally. The American people understand this.

Here at home we need to see the specific details of what the President is suggesting. It's not enough to make broad proposals; we need details of how we can get to where the President wants to take us. Although during last year's speech, he claimed that America is "addicted to oil," he still has no viable solution to the energy crisis or how he plans to attain energy independence.

His health insurance proposal is another step in the wrong direction - shifting the cost of healthcare onto working Americans in the form of another tax increase. We have to find a better way to rein in runaway healthcare costs and expand coverage to the uninsured.

The American people are demanding real results to improve their everyday lives through a long-term economic plan that will bring opportunity and fiscal security to all Americans. I hope the President will listen to the demands and needs of the American people and take this country in a new direction.