Tonight the President will address Congress and the American public about the State of our Union. While our nation is facing many challenges right now, I hope he will address several issues important to us in South Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast.

First of all, I hope the President remembers the pledge he made in Jackson Square after Hurricane Katrina to do everything he could to help with hurricane recovery.

As we know all too well in south Louisiana, we have a long way to go before we fully recover from Katrina and Rita’s devastation.

I urge the President to remember the commitments he and the federal government have made to help the people and communities that are still struggling, almost a year and a half after they survived the two worst hurricanes in our nation’s history.

Second, I hope the President will announce his support for building comprehensive hurricane and flood protection for communities along the Gulf Coast. The millions of Americans who work in south Louisiana to provide energy, seafood, sugar, and other products for the rest of the country deserve to have protection from deadly storms. Anything less is unacceptable.

I will keep working with the rest of the Louisiana delegation to make sure our needs are not forgotten in Washington. The President and Congress must remember the promises they made to south Louisiana and the entire Gulf Coast.