The Democrats' so-called "Energy Bill" does absolutely nothing to decrease our growing dependence on foreign oil - absolutely nothing.  We should be taxing foreign oil, not American oil.  But under this new Democratic Leadership, we aren't taxing Hugo Chavez and we aren't taxing Iran.  Instead, the Democrats are making us tax American oil.  But this gets worse.  This Democrat "Energy Bill" does absolutely nothing to increase American-made energy.  This Democratic bill forces America to cut oil and gas production in the few areas still open to production.  We are only using three percent of our Outer Continental Shelf for production, and now the Democrats are working to eliminate even this.  It is incomprehensible that this Democratic "Energy Bill" eliminates many good paying American jobs in our resource industries and instead increases jobs and American funding for Hugo Chavez's socialist regime and the OPEC cartel.  In addition, this bill contains provisions designed to hinder the Alaska natural gas pipeline - a project that could provide untold billions of cubic feet of clean burning natural gas for all regions of our nation.  This is unbelievable - an "Energy Bill" that eliminates or reduces domestic oil and natural gas production in favor of foreign production.