The Democrats’ much-hyped First 100 Hours are finally over. But not before the party’s high rolling leadership turned on the Washington money machine.  If the ensuing hours of their majority are as expensive, American taxpayers may want to hide their wallets...

Just how much money in new spending did the Democrats’ first 100 hours cost American taxpayers?

- The new Pay-As-You-Go House rule locks-in $280 billion in automatic increases in federal government spending over the next two years.
-The 9/11 security bill could potentially cost “hundreds of billions annually

Total cost (conservative estimate) of Democrats’ 100 Hour $pending $pree = Over $400 Billion.

At this rate, Democrats will spend 20 trillion dollars by the end of the 110th Congress alone! Maybe the Democrats’ pledge to work more days and longer hours isn’t so good for American taxpayers after all.

Interestingly, the one piece of legislation on which the Democrats promised taxpayer savings – the Medicare Part D bill – will save ZERO dollars, according to the independent Congressional Budget Office.

Billions in spending. Zero in savings.  And a tax hike to boot. Welcome to the Democrats’ version of fiscal restraint....and the rest of the 110th Congress.