I’m optimistic about the steps DKRW is taking to forge agreements with other companies to get their coal-to-diesel plant up and running in Wyoming. I’m cautiously optimistic though – the federal government has yet to come through with the financial support these investors need to make it a reality. These guys have done a great deal of work. They have cooperative agreements with the coal company to provide the coal, agreements to provide the coal-to-liquid conversion, and now with Sinclair to purchase the end product.

One thing I know for sure, our nation needs to look to coal-to-diesel if we truly want to see alternatives to importing foreign oil. That’s why I’ve been so assertive about pursuing this kind of use for coal – our nation’s most abundant resource. Coal has the ability to take us a long way toward producing transportation fuels and, in turn, to power our nation’s economy. Now we need to fully implement the provisions in the Energy Policy Act that provide the incentives these companies need to get a coal-to-diesel plant under way. We’ve put the energy policy in place – I’ve advocated for its implementation at the Department of Energy – now we need to get these funding programs under way to allow these advanced technologies to flourish.