As we honor Dr. King's great struggle this week, we must reexamine what this country still needs to do to ensure equality every day. We need to evaluate the work that must be done to guarantee that African Americans are not left behind when it comes to the issues that matter.

Throughout my career, I have fought to level the playing field in our country and have been dedicated to fighting for the issues that matter to African Americans. As we enter a new Congress, I urge my colleagues to take notice of what we must do to make sure that we are looking out for all Americans, regardless of race or zip code.

We must make higher education more affordable for families. We must fight for adequate health care. We must fight to keep our neighborhoods and communities safe. We must fight to make sure the needs of Hurricane Katrina survivors are not forgotten.

I will continue to honor Dr. King's memory with more than just words, but with deeds. I urge my colleagues in both Houses of Congress and in both aisles, to join me.