The American Legion has long stood in support of the Commander-in-Chief and the men and women of the Armed Forces as they are engaged in the global war on terrorism, and we support the new initiatives in Iraq which include deploying more troops and implementing a well-defined mission.  The six fundamental elements of this new strategy have a good chance of providing the security environment and framework in Iraq - particularly in Baghdad and Anbar Province - to make both military and political progress.  The American Legion remains dedicated to doing everything in our power to make sure the troops have what they need to get the job done once and for all including funding this troop surge so these brave men and women can do their jobs and return home safely.  We do not separate the war from the warrior.  Debating the new strategy is the American Way, but let this be a warning that precipitous actions by the Congress could lower troop morale and hinder the mission.  We remain confident that with the support of the populace at home, our men and women in uniform will continue to aid the growth of democracy and freedom in Iraq.