I strongly oppose the President's plan to escalate the war in Iraq.  In November, voters sent a clear message that they don't support a war without end.

In April, the National Intelligence Estimate showed that U.S. military involvement in Iraq has increased, rather than curbed, the terrorist threat. The Iraq Study Group (ISG), led by former Republican Secretary of State James Baker, released its report on December 6, 2006 recommending an early start to troop reductions, and withdrawing nearly all combat units by early 2008.  Such assessments support the idea of redeploying troops from Iraq as soon as possible, rather than increasing troop strength.  The administration's refusal to acknowledge and accept these realities is deeply troubling, dangerous to our troops and our national security, and simply unacceptable.

I support the House resolution offered by Rep. Martin Meehan (D-MA) calling for Congressional approval of any escalation of the war and a specific plan for a phased withdrawal of U.S. troops as soon as possible.