I was humbled and honored to stand on the floor of the House of Representatives - the elected body closest to the will of the people - where brave men and women have stood throughout our history in pursuit of the highest ideals of a courageous nation. I am proud to represent the citizens of my district. I pledge to work tirelessly on their behalf and to stand by my principles and to always do the right thing in Congress.

I was extremely thankful and taken by the tremendous number of supporters who showed up at my reception. It is for them and every one of my constituents that I will work for a better future, one that includes making health care more affordable and accessible, making college and advanced training more affordable, and strengthening our defense security and economic security.

It's time for new leadership, a leadership that remembers that while we are respected for the power of our military and the power of our economy, we are admired for the power of our ideals. And as President John F. Kennedy once said, 'the hour is late, but the agenda is long' - and I now intend to get to work.