At this juncture, it is vitally important that the House agree to pass the Senate bill. While its bill is even stronger, with the results of this past election, this congressional session may be the only chance we have for years to come to produce more oil offshore. This legislation opens up 8 million acres to production – all of which is at least 125 miles from the Alabama Gulf Coast – and it is historic in that for the first time the Gulf Coast states will get a significant share of the oil and gas revenue from production. This could mean millions of dollars in revenues for Alabama in years to come as production increases. I want to compliment Congressman Jo Bonner for his tireless work to end the stalemate by encouraging the House leaders to accept the Senate version. As a practical matter, there is nothing more Congress can do this year to help America reduce its dependence on foreign oil than passing this legislation. To let it slip away would be unthinkable.