As I promised in September, GAO on November 17 sent to congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle a list of 36 suggested areas for oversight in the 110th Congress. The list is based on GAO's work, including our High-Risk List and 21st Century Challenges report.

As I said in my transmittal letter: "There are two general themes that support our recommendations. First, we cannot afford to continue business as usual in Washington, given our current deficit and growing long-term fiscal challenges. Second, most of the federal government's current policies, programs, functions, and activities are based on conditions that existed decades ago, are not results-based, and are not well aligned with 21st century realities. Therefore, there is a need to engage in a fundamental review, reprioritization, and re-engineering of the base of government."

GAO stands ready to assist the new Congress in fulfilling its constitutional responsibilities, and we believe the areas for inquiry that we include in our correspondence (GAO-07-235R) would be a good place to start.