Last week, in a stunning display of democracy, the American people voted for change.  Today, House Democrats have elected experienced, talented, and capable leaders who will help take our nation in a New Direction.  With our new, energetic Freshman Class, Democrats will lead the 110th Congress and address the priorities of all Americans.

We've had our differences in our party. We have now come together. I wish all of the American people could have heard the discussion of our Caucus this morning. They would have heard speeches of mutual respect regardless of who anyone was supporting for party office. They would have heard speeches of unity for a new direction for our country.

I truly am honored to have been selected by acclamation as Speaker-designate. I know many Americans will be watching with pride as I take the gavel when the 110th Congress convenes on Thursday, January 4, 2007. I look forward to the responsibility of serving the whole House of Representatives.

This team will lead the House with a commitment to integrity, civility, and bipartisanship. Democrats will create the most honest, most open, and most ethical Congress in history. And we will restore fiscal responsibility to Washington.  With these principles as our guide, we will begin our work of building a country that is safer, stronger, and allows more people to participate in the American Dream.