Veterans Day is now over, but it’s important to remember that honoring our veterans should be more than a one-day or one-week commitment.  Sometimes it is all too easy to take for granted our freedoms as we go about our daily lives.  We must not forget those freedoms are defended by our military.

Five constituents of our congressional district have died in Iraq serving our country.  Their ultimate sacrifice will not be forgotten.

I thank my colleagues for working with me to pass my legislation making it possible to create the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery from the former Joliet Arsenal.  Thanks to the leadership and volunteerism of our local veterans, we worked together to create that special place to honor and forever remember those who sacrificed for our nation’s freedom.

It’s important to honor also those veterans who came home and those future veterans who are currently serving in our armed forces.  Hundreds of thousands of military personnel go about their task every day without complaint, often far from their families and in hostile conditions.  Their service keeps us free and defends our nation.

Their families make the sacrifice too.  Spouses, children, parents, brothers and sisters – with their prayers, letters and packages – stand solidly behind their family members.

God bless our veterans and military men and women.  God bless those who have fallen protecting our freedoms.  And my God continue to bless America.