A Loss for Republicans, But Victory for Values

The news Tuesday night was both encouraging and a little sad. Sad because there were some good men and women who will not be returning to the Congress… But encouraging because several pro-life and pro-marriage Democrats will be among those coming to Washington…

This is an important period for the Republicans. If some of the timid and tired people who were more talk than action are now elevated to leadership positions in the House and Senate then religious conservatives will need to make some important choices. The party of Lincoln, Reagan and Gingrich should not have to take a poll or sit through a bunch of focus groups to determine how it feels about traditional values and freedom. And those within the party who are undecided about their values should be looking for another party. This is either an important moment of rebirth for the GOP or it is a brief pause on the downward descent of a party now consumed by inclusiveness and seeking the shelter of ambiguity.

As the liberals repeat the mantra “It is Time for a Change