The American people have spoken, and now we must move forward.

The Senate Republican majority has accomplished many things I'm proud of: cementing in place tax cut policies which have created over 6 million jobs in the past three years, supporting a bold war on terror which has resulted in no attacks on the homeland in the past five years, giving our seniors prescription drugs, confirming numerous outstanding judicial nominees including two outstanding Supreme Court Justices, passing a forward-looking energy bill and fighting HIV/AIDS around the world and here at home, to name a few.

After years of bruising partisanship, Congress must work together to govern with results for the American people. It is my hope that both parties will work toward governing together with results for the American people.  Republicans have many ideas to contribute to the discourse and we will continue to do that — especially when it comes to building on our economic successes which make America the best place to raise a family, start a business, and keep a job.

I think it's important we take this opportunity to express to our men and women fighting in, Afghanistan, and on the frontlines around the world how proud of them we are and that we stand with them today and always.

Washington must now work together in a bipartisan way—Republicans and Democrats—to outline the path to success in Iraq. When it comes to solving our Iraq policy challenges, we all have the responsibility to be partners, not just partisans.
I commend the service of all my colleagues who will not be returning, and welcome those who were elected yesterday.  It is has been a great honor to serve in the United States Senate and I again thank the citizens of Tennessee for giving me the opportunity.