Once again, this Congress' fiscal irresponsibility has resulted in cut in services to those who need it most. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have issued a new rule that will slash Medicare reimbursements for power wheelchairs by nearly 41% beginning November 15.

This new policy is nothing short of a tragedy for seniors and people with disabilities who rely on these wheelchairs for mobility and independence. Currently, Medicare pays all but 20% of the cost of the chairs for eligible recipients. Most seniors and disabled Americans will not be able to come up with the money necessary to purchase and maintain this equipment, as powered wheelchairs can cost up nearly $20,000.

This policy, coupled with the Medicare Part D donut hole, is the latest case of seniors paying the price for this Administration's fiscal irresponsibility.

It is time for Congress to stop the reckless budget policy that has resulted in Medicare having to break its promise to seniors and the disabled. Congress must address this issue and make sure that power wheelchairs are available for Medicare recipients who need them.