In the spring of this year I received a questionnaire from the NRA regarding my positions on gun ownership, 2nd amendment rights, gun registration, etc.  As a gun owner and past NRA member, I dutifully and thoughtfully filled out the questionnaire and returned it with a letter of further explanation, which we have made available to visitors for quite some time.  In the letter I express my support of responsible gun ownership and my life long interest in arms.

Then came a hurried phone call from Jean, who said, "Griff, there is some news about you from the NRA and you're not going to like it."  She wouldn't tell me more.  Later in the day she showed me that in the Election Issue of the American Rifleman I had received a "?" rating and Inglis had received a grade of "A".  What the hell was going on here?  I immediately called the NRA's Washington office and asked them.

They checked my file and said that I had not completed the questionnaire.  I said "B.S., I returned it months ago."  They said, "We'll look for it, maybe we've made a mistake."  Several hours later they called back and said, "Sorry, we somehow misplaced your questionnaire, and you'll receive a "B" rating."  I was irate, not about the B rating, as I don't 100% support every NRA fine point, but at the fact that the most influential lobbying group outside of the AARP had somehow lost my questionnaire.  I explained that the damage was done, that thousands of 4th district NRA members would think that I didn't care. What's worse, they would think that Bob Inglis was profoundly more supportive than I. I don't know Bob's personal feeling on these issues, but I dare say that I've launched a 1000 times more lead than he has (some of you I know are not impressed by this).

I complained to the NRA bitterly for 10 minutes, and I'll give them credit, they stayed on the line, listened, and made many apologies.  They said they would immediately correct it on their web site, would send me a letter with the correct rating.  Later in the day they said they would make the additional effort of contacting all 4th district members by email alerting them of the error.  Of course, there will be many that will never be aware of the error.

Honest mistake or dirty politics, you make the call.