We've received tremendous publicity from a front page Houston Chronicle article, two different Zogby polls (with the second poll demonstrating a near ten point improvement for me and a drop by my opponent to 55, creating much discussion and speculation) and continued emphasis on Sen. Hutchison's comments on Oct 30 on CNN scoffing at Sen. Graham's request she read the classified documents on Iraq WMD before she voted on the Iraq war resolution. CNN has done us a big favor by publicizing her words and my challenge.

The last two days have been consumed by radio and print interviews, additional media buys in our vote plan areas, and deciding which endorsements and issues to emphasize in press releases and newsletters.

Today, we publicized my overwhelming veterans support, key endorsements from non-partisan veterans groups and my opponent's "D+" rating from the Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans.

What questions are being asked on conservative talk radio? Immigration, health care, economy, domestic terror defense, the Second Amendment. We know that the opposition camp is unhappy with my "A" rating from the NRA.

The issue of corruption crosses party lines and there's strong desire for basic corruption reform, and for "pay as you go" and the spring rejection by my opponent and others of any true special interest reform in the wake of the Abramoff scandal.

Tomorrow will follow my usual practice of the last few days: I have 3 radio interviews, a print interview, and working on press releases. I received the letter today from the National Farmer's Union endorsing me, so I will do a press release on that and agricultural release.

As usual I will bike in the morning between interviews, and run in the evening. I blog for the Hill every evening and will do so tomorrow night after I take my mother to the special HGO/Federation showing of an Opera written in concentration camp by victims, who were exterminated. One of my brothers is coming to Houston to playing in it. (He is a professional musician in Boston, a graduate of UH and has taught for 25 years at the New England Conservatory of Music).

Today we made arrangements for a press conference (Sunday at 2 pm) on vote suppression/ballot protection with David Van Os in San Antonio after my appearance Sunday in San Antonio at Cornerstone Church.