Senator Kerry’s comments are unbecoming of a U.S. Senator. While an apology is appropriate, it cannot camouflage his divisive opinions.

Having just returned from Afghanistan this week, I can attest that many soldiers I met there had acquired graduate degrees from some of America’s finest colleges. Perhaps when Sen. Kerry was insulting the education of America’s bravest he overlooked Gen. Petraeus – recently in charge of the NATO Training Mission in Iraq - who has earned both a PhD and a master’s degree from Princeton. Apparently, Sen. Kerry also overlooked Gen Abizaid– Commander of U.S. Central Command in Iraq – who is both a West Point and Harvard graduate, fluent in Arabic and a renowned expert in Arab affairs.

The fact is Sen. Kerry owes American soldiers and their families an apology and his scoffing at that suggestion is merely another example of his elitist and out of touch frame of mind.