Voters tell me they are ready for a change. With the Foley scandal, the highest deficit in history, the failed policies in Iraq, the No Child Left Behind Act funded at only 16%, and no solutions to the healthcare crisis, Americans want a change.  I believe that America's best days are ahead of her, but we must have a change in leadership.  I propose job development through our aging transportation infrastructure, and a single payer system using medicare deductions to solve our healthcare woes.As a former educator, I believe that we are failing our children and will not vote to renew NCLB, and will propose a blue ribbon committee of "Teachers of the Year" from all 50 states along with parents who can give legislators the information they need to fix our broken education system.  I also propose adding paraprofessionals to every grade K-12 to help with instruction and monitor our school hallways to give peace of mind to every parent.

On the issue of security, we need to secure America today.  If we can secure Iraq, we can secure America, today.  This has been a do-nothing Congress. They have met in session less and accomplished less than any Congress of recent days.  My campaign is this:  to work as hard every day as you do.  We are facing the most important election of the decade.  I would appreciate your help and support.