I am Bill Winter and I am running for Congress in CO-06 against Tom Tancredo. You can learn more here. I recently read an article talking about how the House passed a $448 billion Military Spending Bill. Notice the 1.9 Billion dollar line item for "for new jammers to counter improvised explosive devices in Iraq and Afghanistan."

I also recently received a letter from a small Colorado-based defense contractor, EOJT, which has developed innovative products that could save American lives in Iraq. Their number one product is exactly the kind of jammer described above. In other words, the U.S. House of Representatives just authorized 1.9 BILLION dollars for development of jammers to protect our troops...

...and we have a guy who already has one ready to go right here in Colorado!

So what's the problem? I'm glad you asked!
The company's CEO, veteran Jeff Bell, knew he would need an advocate in Washington to have a shot at competing with major defense manufacturers to secure a contract. So he naturally attempted to contact his Congressman, Rep. Tom Tancredo, but never received a response to repeated phone calls, faxes and letters.

Mr. Bell finally decided to contact me, as Tancredo's opponent, to see if I could help. I have been able to put him in direct contact with Senator Ken Salazar's office. Mr. Bell commented, "As a small business owner, it is a challenge to compete with the larger defense contractors. I was baffled as to why Representative Tancredo would not be interested in the possibility of bringing jobs to his own district while also protecting our troops."

One would think that a Colorado Congressman would at least TRY to get 10 million or so dollars of the 1.9 BILLION already appropriated for continued R&D for jammers to save the lives of our troops and bring jobs to his Colorado district. But he and his staff couldn't even be bothered to respond to Mr. Bell.

Tancredo is running with a slogan of "For A Secure America," but if he won't even help to secure the safety of our troops, or secure jobs for people in his district, how seriously are we supposed to take anything he says about security?
My friends, if ever there was a reason for you to help me beat this guy, and there are endless numbers of reasons, this is a great one.

Our campaign continues to gather momentum. We are so close. And not just us, but all the races in Colorado, from the Governor's race down to County races, are looking more and more BLUE. The Denver Post today released polling showing that Democrats are ahead in every State-wide race but one, and within the margin of error in that one.
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Do it all now!

Our Country cries out to us. How we answer that call says a whole lot about who we are as people!