The day was spent in large part on talk radio and answering questions generated from our press releases, available in the news section of my website. I also approved our latest TV commercial and posted to YouTube and

Conservative talk radio hosts are quite polite and courteous here in Texas. The outrageous, insulting, sneering behaviour has been missing in interviews I've experienced over the last three years. The callers are well informed. There's a few ringers, all asking about ANWR to start and finishing with "per capita" arguments justifying Texans' donation of our federal gas dollars to other states the callers must feel need the dollars more than we. And there's the occasional caller like the fellow yesterday who explained about women's inability to lead and the importance I go back home and take care of my children.

I mentioned to the caller he'd have a heck of a time deciding between Kay Bailey
Hutchison and Barbara Ann Radnofsky!

Today's questions centered on one frequently mentioned Texas Senate debate issue: the
refusal of KBH to pledge she'd stay in office if elected. I was pleased that the issue is now accepted, to the point that the argument is now a concession she'll quit but "politicians bail all the time. No one cares," as one of the hosts said today. The good answer, unrebutted: We should build seniority. Let's start now, before Texas falls behind all other states with an appointment and a special election.

The hosts were well informed and were surprised at KBH's debate concession that she'd erred in her Iraq vote, and they well knew my point that she had classified info on WMD she didn't access at the time of her vote.

And, this was the first time I was asked about my NRA rating: one of the hosts in particular liked my A rating from NRA. No challenger can earn higher.

I've kept up my running and biking, as people have asked how I'm faring. Yesterday was a two and a half hour ride and it was very helpful as so much else is happening all day. Today was less than an hour, as it was the only free time between interviews. I've discretely conducted my share of telephone radio interviews stopping at the track in Memorial Park, and have learned much about the importance of connecting bike tracks from the professionals and bike business owners I've met. Encouraging safe bicycle transportation, of course, carries long term energy conservation, environmental and health benefits.