Last week, all six of Michigan's Democratic U.S. Representatives wrote National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President John Engler.  We asked a simple question: Why are you putting your Republican agenda ahead of the American manufacturers you say you represent?

On September 28, NAM's Board of Directors decided to withhold its support of H.R. 1498, a bill that would have expanded the ability of domestic manufacturers to take action against China due to currency manipulation. The board's decision contradicted the recommendation of the group's economic policy committee and has since created a wide rift in the trade group as member companies have publicly questioned Engler's decision to refuse to stand up for a top priority of many domestic manufacturers.

NAM has previously acknowledged undervaluation of the Chinese yuan and its effects on American manufacturing, but refuses to call for meaningful action from the Bush Administration or Congress.

NAM is supposed to represent American manufacturers, but clearly they only care about propping up the Bush Administration's agenda and the harmful practices of foreign governments.  American manufacturers are hurting due to Chinese currency manipulation, but NAM's only answer is to call for reports piled on top of studies followed up by white papers, so long as no meaningful action ever takes place.

Now that NAM's agenda is repeatedly being questioned by its own members, it's time to ask if their priorities really match those of the companies it claims to represent here in Washington.