Our pay-for-play Congress, which is largely dependent upon huge contributions from for-profit Corporations seeking special treatment in order to enhance their bottom line at taxpayer expense, must be reformed. As the Democratic candidate for U.S. Representative from TX-13, if elected, I will work with others in Congress to limit the influence that big money plays on our system of government.

Maintaining power and seeking re-election has become the obsession of politicians who have forgotten how to put loyalty to their constituents as their top priority. Many have ignored their responsibility to provide oversight, and instead have found it easier to just go-along-to-get-along. Congress has become less popular and trusted less than used car salesmen. Credibility can only be restored with hard work, due diligence and a resolve to reduce the influence of lobbyists for the greedy and powerful who would line their own pockets at the expense of the common good. We need more Veterans to oversee the Armed Services Committee, more intelligence experts to oversee Intelligence, more educators to oversee Education, and more exceptional citizens with common sense to step up and serve in a Congress that has sold-out to lobbyists for special interests.

It’s time for intelligent, competent leaders to step forward and straighten out the mess!