CNN Does Terrorists’ Bidding

CNN claims that it was being responsible in airing footage of an American troop being mowed down in cold blood. In fact, the network’s decision represents the height of irresponsibility. Not only did CNN disregard current standards of decency regarding wartime coverage, it showed a complete disregard for the families of those with loved ones fighting over in Iraq who may have seen the footage.

Perhaps most disturbingly, CNN admits to receiving the video from a known insurgent leader. There’s only one reason why the terrorist opposition would want such a tape aired: to further its agenda. By airing this horrible video to a global audience, CNN has, in effect, done the terrorists’ bidding and served their interests.

Like most Americans, I am outraged by this most recent display of treasonous wartime journalism, and believe that CNN owes our troops and the American public – especially those families touched by this war – an apology for its callous disregard of journalistic restraint.

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