I have sent a letter to several Congressional districts across the country that have been targeted by political interest groups mischaracterizing AARP’s Voters’ Guides and the positions of candidates on Social Security.

AARP members in AZ-5, CO-7, FL-16, KY-4, PA-10, and TX-17 will be receiving this correspondence.  The letter sent to these districts can be seen below.  All political interest groups, parties, and candidates should cease using AARP’s Voters’ Guides in a misleading way.

AARP believes that a bipartisan, balanced plan can maintain guaranteed Social Security benefits for future generations, and an overwhelming number of our members and the American public agree with this position.  AARP’s Voters’ Guides provide voters with unedited candidate responses and allow our members and the general public to have a more accurate understanding of the candidates’ positions in order to make an informed choice when they go vote.

AARP’s Voters’ Guides can be found at www.dontvote.com.  AARP has a long history of nonpartisanship and does not support or oppose candidates for office or political parties.

Text of Letter:
October 20, 2006

Dear AARP Member:
Every election cycle we see ads trying to scare voters about the future of Social Security. This season is no different, and it’s now happening right here in the [#] Congressional District of [state].  As an AARP member, we wanted to alert you to recent actions taken by some political interests to mischaracterize AARP Voters’ Guides in an effort to mislead voters.

AARP Voters’ Guides ask candidates whether they would “support or oppose a balanced Social Security plan to continue the program’s guaranteed benefits for future generations.