I joined my colleague and fellow moderate Blanche Lincoln in Nebraska yesterday where we discussed the difference between governing and politicking. Working together to strengthen our country is good governing. And we can’t achieve good government as long as we’re preoccupied with politics.

Blanche pointed out the many lost opportunities to govern in recent years and emphasized our responsibility in Washington to move forward. I share her vision of teamwork, and it’s been an honor and pleasure to work with her to reach across aisles to get things done.

Both Blanche and I are proud supporters of renewable fuels development and have both served as chair of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus. I look forward to working with her and my other colleagues on the upcoming 2007 Farm Bill. I am optimistic that as we approach this and many other important pieces of legislation, our colleagues will also recognize the difference between governing and politicking. Only then can we end the right vs left tug-of-war and begin funneling our energy into moving America forward.