This week, my campaign began running a comparative ad focusing on my opponent's vote as a state senator to give himself lifetime health insurance at taxpayer expense. This bill – which thankfully was vetoed – would have given legislators serving over 10 years a lifetime health insurance package in which the state pays 75% of the premium. Other state employees have to work 20 years before receiving the same benefits!

My opponent is now arguing that the benefit wouldn't have applied to him, splitting hairs and trying to confuse voters about what the correct interpretation of the bill is. But he has a record of helping himself at the expense of others. In 1996, he CO-SPONSORED a bill that prohibited legislators from receiving state retirement benefits… except for himself (H.B. 15).

I stand by my ad and I have written legal opinions that verify the claims. My opponent has made it clear that he would rather help himself than everyday working Louisianians.