As a father and a grandfather, protecting the young people who come to Washington to work for the Congress as Pages is my highest priority. I urge anyone who has information that they believe will help to call the Page Tip Hotline number: 1-866-348-0481.

When abhorrent I-mail messages from Foley to a Page were revealed last week, the Speaker of the House rightfully and immediately demanded his resignation and requested investigations by the House Ethics Committee and federal and state law enforcement authorities.

It was a mistake not to inform and consult with all of the Members of the Page Board concerning inappropriate e-mail messages from Foley to a Page.

This week a former Page contacted my office to ask me to make sure the Page Program continues because it 'provided an unparalleled education that taught me confidence, responsibility and integrity.'

As a scientist and an engineer, I know how important it is that we make sure all of the investigations are thorough. We need to find out where, when and how the Congress failed to protect the Pages who are entrusted to us by their parents. Individuals have to be held responsible for their actions. Pages are teenagers in high school when they leave their homes and come to Washington, DC to work for the Congress. We owe it to every Page and to their parents to make sure they are protected and safe.