The issue I’m emphasizing in my own re-election campaign is a much greater degree of energy independence. That combines with foreign policy because we really need to have that degree of independence if we are going to be successful in Africa, in the Middle East, and for that matter in the Far East. Strategically, that sets a foundation for greater success in our diplomacy. On the home front it means greater success in terms of lower energy costs, whether it be for people at the gasoline pump or homeowners and businesses. I feel this is a comprehensive way to talk about both prosperity for American families and businesses at home and much greater security for the United States abroad.

There are a whole gamut of ways we can make this happen, but they require considerable boldness and planning. I plan to take a week or more to travel around Indiana in a flexible fuel car, going to E85 pumps, to the first windmill site in Indiana, in Benton County, and obviously I’ll visit the ethanol plants. Corn and soy are two of the basic crops in our state, but likewise they are a clean, controllable technology that works. Touring the state, I’ll continually have audiences with people, drawing attention to each of these counties, each of these people who are taking courageous steps along the lines of these suggestions.