Last week, as Republicans in Congress raced to leave Washington to campaign for the November elections, they once again proved themselves to be the Do-Less-Than-Nothing-Congress. Republicans left a long list of critical issues untouched.

For starters, five years after 9/11, the Republicans in Congress still have not implemented the full recommendations of the 9/11 Committee, thereby failing to make our country as safe as it should be. Republicans also failed to pass 10 of the 11 appropriations bills that are needed to fund the federal government. What's more, the Republican Congress failed to give millions of hardworking Americans a long-overdue raise in the form of an increase in the Federal Minimum Wage.

Finally and most outrageously, Republican leaders failed to act when presented with evidence that Rep. Mark Foley was acting inappropriately with House Pages. The Ethics Committee and the FBI must thoroughly and quickly investigate Mr. Foley's behavior and Republican Leaders' inaction.