Will Moderate Republicans Stand Up for Working Families?

When this Do-Less-Than-Do-Nothing Republican Congress adjourns shortly, it will have succeeded in completely ignoring the priorities of the American people, including raising the minimum wage. Republicans played a cynical political game with the minimum wage this session, by holding a long overdue increase in the hostage to a virtual repeal of the estate tax for the wealthiest few Americans.

A group of moderate Republicans wrote a letter earlier this year to Leader Boehner calling for an increase in the minimum wage, yet sat idly by while their leadership tried to hoodwink the American people on this issue. If these members truly believed in raising the minimum wage, they would join Democrats in signing Rep. John Barrow's discharge petition to force a fair up-or-down vote on a wage increase. Their refusal to do so shows that they were really just fighing for political cover for themselves, not for an increase in the minimum wage.

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