Years ago, Secretary Rumsfeld in a probing internal memorandum asked about the metrics for measuring success or failure in the war on terror and the Iraq war. He raised an important question whether we were creating more terrorists than we were capturing or killing. Reports about the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) give a clear indication that the tragic answer to the Secretary's inquiry is ‘yes, the problem is getting worse not better.’

Contrary to the President's public declarations over the last several weeks, the Administration's ‘stay the course’ doctrine is failing under almost every metric including the most important -- whether we are reducing the number of jihadists bent on killing Americans.

The White House asserts that these reports are ‘not representative of the complete document.’  Congress should test that optimistic assessment with real oversight hearings, something this majority has thus far been unwilling to do. But unless we are willing to confront the cold hard facts, the Administration will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.