Democrats have the momentum heading into the final seven weeks of this campaign.  With 49 days to go, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced that we are adding eight races to our Red to Blue program and 15 campaigns to our Emerging Candidates list. These 23 join the 34 Red to Blue candidates who are already solidifying their campaigns through the Red to Blue program.  This is the third wave of the very successful Red to Blue program that has already raised nearly $8.2 million for Democratic candidates this year.  In 2004, Red to Blue raised $7.5 million and averaged more than $250,000 in contributions per campaign.  The Emerging Candidates list is made up of campaigns in traditionally non-competitive districts, and through the strength of their campaigns, have put themselves in a position to win in November.

Both Red to Blue and Emerging Candidates will steer much-needed resources to some of the best campaigns in the country.  These campaigns made these lists by meeting several hard-to-achieve goals – including fundraising, organization, message and strategy – and being a part of these programs will give them the necessary edge they need to stay competitive as November draws ever closer.

Red to Blue and Emerging candidates all represent the new direction that American voters are searching for and all have pledged to put the priorities of middle class families first when they get to Washington.