Congress has an opportunity to pass a comprehensive and viable immigration reform plan. I have strongly urged my colleagues to address this issue. Failure to do so will be an abrogation of our responsibility to our constituents and to our nation.

I commend my colleagues who, earlier this year, took the lead in this important debate. I believe every one of us tried in good faith to craft a bill to secure our borders and address the need for a future guest worker program that could meet our economic requirements, but we were never able to resolve significant differences.

In an effort to create a proposal that bridges those policy disagreements, I worked with Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana to incorporate the House priorities as well as elements of the diverse Senate views in a new approach. We have described our initiative as a starting point for determined deliberations that we believe would result in agreement between both Houses on comprehensive reform.

Our proposal first secures the borders of our nation by providing an immediate infusion of financing, technology, and personnel. When the president certifies to the Congress that we have regained control of the borders, our temporary, guest worker program will begin.
Individuals who wish to obtain employment in our country would register at branches of U.S. based employment placement agencies – “Ellis Island Centers