A few weeks ago I took my pickup around Eastern Montana to talk with Montana families and businesses about my ‘Real Energy, Real Change’ plan.  At a time when energy prices are through the roof and folks have to dig deeper in their pockets to fill their tanks, heat their homes, run their farms and keep their businesses afloat, we need vision and a plan for energy independence in our country.  By taking concrete steps to invest in bio-diesel, ethanol and wind power, along with developing our state’s abundant natural resources cleanly and efficiently, Montana has the potential to play a key role in leading our country to energy security.

The Environmental Protection Agency recently reported that the U.S. Senate’s Interior Spending Bill is only a fraction of the funding needed to implement renewable-fuels standards.  My opponent, Sen. Burns, crafted that bill and calls it a success.  I call that lack of vision and poor leadership, and it’s this kind of poor leadership in Washington that has allowed our country to become more dependent on foreign oil than we were in the 1970s. It’s that lack of leadership that is allowing multinational oil and gas companies to write our energy policy.

We can achieve energy independence, with government that will facilitate and encourage development of alternative and renewable energy.