As Congress returns to session today, what is the first item Republicans put on the agenda? Not a fair vote on the minimum wage. Not a plan for Iraq. Not implementing the 9/11 Commission recommendations. Not an answer to high gas prices. Not lowering prescription drug costs for seniors. Not an answer for working families who have been squeezed out of the middle class and into poverty.

Instead, Congress is issuing commemorative coins and voting on the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. I do not mean to belittle these and other worthwhile causes, but we have named enough post offices and honored enough sports teams this year. The 109th Congress is coming to a close and the most vital concerns of the American people have not been addressed.

To that end, House Democrats wrote to Speaker Hastert informing him that until Congress passes legislation that meets the real needs of the American people, we will actively resist adjournment. Americans can't stop taking their prescription drugs until after the November elections. Americans can't stop putting gas in their car until after the November elections. We still have a nation to run, and the duties and responsibilities of Congress are much too great to be so casually shrugged off.

The American people have been abandoned by Congress. Instead of real answers, the Republican Leadership gives the President a rubber stamp and American families delays, denials, and distortion. House Democrats call for a New Direction.