I was outraged when I saw that the DSCC released a video titled "Feel Safer?," intending to highlight the "gap between the GOP rhetoric and the GOP record on security."  It reminded me of when the DCCC released a fundraising video depicting flag-draped coffins and invoking 9/11, which they later pulled after Republicans and Democrats called for it to be taken down.

In this time of terrorist plots by Islamic extremists, the Democrats trivialize our national security.  They think this is a game.

Last week, America's counterterrorism efforts thwarted a plan to detonate passenger planes in mid-air across the U.S.  I encourage the Democrats to continue releasing these videos, which contradict national headlines and demonstrate their loose grip on reality.  With our nation in a war against Islamic extremists, it's good for the American people to consider 'WWPD' - 'What Would Pelosi Do?'