Republicans again showed their duplicity in their treatment of the proposed bill to increase the minimum wage. Rather than let the proposal stand on its merits - to offer a just wage to millions of low-wage workers, House Republicans packaged a wage increase into a bill they knew would die in the Senate. By engaging in this frivolous exercise, vulnerable Republicans can face their constituents and claim they tried to raise the minimum wage. It is sad to see Republicans in Congress playing political games with the real life struggles facing America's working families.

As far as what would be most beneficial for Americans, the numbers tell it all: the estate tax cuts will help 8200 people - 8200 people who are already among the wealthiest 0.1% of Americans. Meanwhile, while the Dick DeVos's of the nation are counting their millions and billions, America's low wage earners - all 6.6 million of them - will be left behind to find a way to make their $10,700 yearly income livable.

The purpose of a democracy, and the mission of Democrats, is to respond to the voices and needs of the majority of the people. Clearly, this latest Republican tactic turns a deaf ear to that majority. The people must make their voices heard in the next election - by voting Republicans out of office and putting an end to their charades.