Campaigning for Vermont’s sole seat in the U.S. House has brought me to all corners of our beautiful Green Mountain State. Vermonters expect a personal connection with their elected officials and I’ve listened to their concerns about health care, ethics reform, controlling the federal budget and homeland security. These are issues facing not only Vermont but all Americans.

My message of reform is resonating. Every poll has showed this race to be a statistical dead heat and the most recent independent poll has me leading my opponent by a narrow margin.

But the news today of a foiled plot to blow up airplanes in Britain should remind all Americans that our national security must remain a top priority for all of our elected officials.

There are still those in the world who would murder thousands of innocents in an attempt to strike at America. This is why national security is one of the cornerstones of my campaign for Congress. The people of Vermont recognize that the government’s role is to protect our citizens and defend our homeland.

As Adjutant General I have seen first hand the challenges we as a nation and a world face in the world-wide struggle against terrorism. I led the men and women of the Vermont National Guard as they responded immediately on 9/11 and as they served around the world, from Afghanistan to airports here at home.

Today’s world challenges us to protect our communities while preserving the rights and liberties that make America strong. In Congress I will speak with the authority of my experience on all the issues important to Vermont and to the nation with leadership, independence and integrity.