If there was any doubt that the angry, fringe left has taken over the Democrat Party, yesterday’s ousting of Joe Lieberman puts the issue to rest.  Lieberman was the Party’s co-standard bearer in 2000, and just six years later, Democrat leaders are issuing press releases explaining why they have abandoned him.  Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid should take a good, long look at what their Party has become: a hostage of the ultra-liberal, pacifist movement that is using the internet as a clubhouse, and which was fathered by Howard Dean during his presidential bid.

The Democrat Party that once stood for strength in the international arena is officially dead.  The new retreat and defeat Democrats are firmly in control, and with Lieberman’s defeat have removed the last vestiges of reason from within their ranks.  Lieberman’s loss will send shockwaves across the nation, and will make mainstream Democrats across the nation fully aware of what has happened to their Party.