The University of Miami Hurricanes are not the only hurricanes frequenting Florida recently.  In just the last two years, Florida has had to endure the devastation from eight hurricanes that severely impacted families, farmers, homes, businesses and schools.

This year, we already had one storm become a hurricane, though Hurricane Chris thankfully dissipated without causing any damage.  While hurricanes are an unfortunate reality, better preparation for natural disasters can help communities rebound quicker.

To help people prepare for this year's hurricane season, I sent a hurricane preparedness checklist to those in the communities I represent.

The effects of a natural disaster can be reduced if you are aware of the steps families should take before, during, and after any natural disaster.  It is also important that every family member know the local emergency phone numbers.

Ultimately, the federal government can only do so much. Florida is blessed to have local and state authorities who understand their roles and respond quickly.  By taking personal responsibility, individuals can better ensure that their families and neighbors are protected during natural disasters.