The Republican vision for the future is a safer, healthier and more prosperous America.

The Republican-led Congress is making real headway in securing America's homeland, securing America's prosperity and securing America's values.

In the Senate this year, we've passed legislation to prevent a $70 billion tax increase on the American people and continue record economic growth, improve health care quality through electronic medical records, secure our homeland by strengthening our borders, expand the energy supply through new exploration in the Gulf of Mexico and fund the War on Terror.

As the legislative session winds down, much is left to be done. This week presents another opportunity for senators to join together in addressing the pressing needs of the American people. We must pass a strong, fiscally responsible Defense appropriations bill that funds our military and supports our troops serving overseas. We must past legislation reforming our nation's pension system and providing retirement security for millions of Americans. And we must pass legislation that includes a permanent solution for the Death Tax, an extension of valuable tax incentives, and an increase in the federal minimum wage. Combining these measures offers a timely and effective way to address issues important to both sides of the aisle.

I ask my colleagues to put politics aside and pass these three bills making our country safer and improving the lives of millions of Americans.