The American taxpayer is being ripped off by the Republican
Prescription Drug law.  Any Republican who wants to dispute this fact should
take a look at Tuesday's New York Times.  Under the headline "A Windfall
From Shifts to Medicare" we have yet another example of how the
pharmaceutical companies are reaping record profits while the American
taxpayer is left holding the bill.

Before the Republican law went into effect this year, more than 6.5
million low-income Americans received help with their prescription drug
bills through Medicaid.  Under the Medicaid system, states could purchase
the drugs at the lowest available prices.  While this was good news for the
taxpayer, it certainly cut into the profits of the pharmaceutical companies.

So now, those 6.5 million Americans have been moved into the
Republican plan.  They are no longer receiving the lowest prices.  And the
higher costs, adding up to as much as $2 billion this year alone will be
passed onto the American taxpayer.

And House Republicans still claim to be fiscal conservatives!  House
Republicans sold out to the pharmaceutical companies, and now the American
taxpayers are paying the price.