American families are looking for a new direction and the most recent fundraising numbers for Democratic candidates show that they are willing to do something about it.  Democrats across the country are waging impressive campaigns, showing families in every district that they will fight for their priorities, and not those of the special interest-dominated Republican Congress.

This year, Democrats will have the resources they need to compete against some of the most heavily entrenched Republican incumbents.  Democratic challengers are outraising their Republican opponents and in open seats – some of the most competitive contests that will be waged this year – Democrats, by and large, have the financial edge, in some cases by large margins.  An unprecedented 20 Democratic candidates have raised over $1 million so far this year and at least six Democratic challengers have over $1 million cash-on-hand, two of whom have over $2 million on hand.  At this point in 2004, no Democratic challenger, not one, had $1 million on hand.

It’s time for a change, and this November, Democratic candidates across the country will be fighting to put our country back on track.